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GNL 41: Preliminary injunctive relief in patent disputes

GNL 40: Flexible remedies in life science patent disputes

GNL 39: Changes to data exclusivity

GNL 38: Product liability – what is a “defect”?

GNL37: UK experimental use exemptions

GNL 36: Placing medical devices on the UK market after the end of Brexit transition

GNL 35: What the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement means for pharma and medical device companies

GNL 33: Patents in the company lifecycle: M&A and joint ventures

GNL 34: Patents in the company lifecycle: IPO and divestment

GNL 31: Open innovation

GNL 32: The importance of IP due diligence

GNL 30: Regulating life sciences products in the transition period

GNL 29: Biosimilars and naming duplicates

GNL 28: Taking security over patents

GNL 27: IPEC Cost effective and quick procedure for IP disputes

GNL 25: Data and market exclusivity: additional protections

GNL 22: Setting up a company – running a company

GNL 21: Licensing manufacturers, wholesale dealers and brokers

GNL 24: Data and market exclusivity: what it is and how long it lasts

GNL 23: IP indemnities in commercial agreements

GNL 20: Paediatric extensions

GNL 19: Pre-clinical, clinical and post-market surveillance

GNL 18: Territorial Licensing

GNL 17: Setting Up a Company: Stationery, Websites, Emails and Signage

GNL 16: The Execution of Documents – Getting it Right

GNL 15: Keeping Your Confidential Information and Staff Safe From Competition

GNL 14: Medical Devices Regulation – The New Rules

GNL 13: Medical Devices Regulation – The Current Rules

GNL 12: Regulations on Medicine, Advertising and Promotion

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