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GNT 75: Regulatory Activities and R&D Tax Incentives

GNES 14: Neurodiversity in Life Sciences: A Roadmap for Inclusion and Innovation

GNT 74: Research Intensive Companies

GNT 73: Restriction on Overseas R&D Activities

GNP:7 AI in life sciences: possible effects of AI on patentability of certain inventions

GNP: 6 Patenting AI and machine learning inventions at the EPO

GNES 13: The Employer Branding Emergency

GNP 5: Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent in Europe

GNP 4: Patent Filing Strategies

GNP 3: Pros and Cons of Filing a Patent

GNP 2: Patent Fundamentals

GNP 1: Intellectual Property Basics

GNES 12: Recruitment – Is it still about Cultural Fit?

GNL 41: Preliminary injunctive relief in patent disputes

GNES 11: Importance of Autonomy

GNMA 10: Policy and public affairs for life science companies

GNMA 9: Supranational HTAs

GNES 10: Employee Wellness Within a Hybrid Working Model

GNX 12: Getting your voice heard by big pharma

GNL 40: Flexible remedies in life science patent disputes

GNL 39: Changes to data exclusivity

GNT 72: Tax treatment of interest on convertible loans

GNT 71: Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR)

GNMA 8: Market access for medtech, diagnostics and digital technologies in the UK

GNES 9: Reinvention during and after COVID- will company culture stand the test of time?

GNX 11: Using Independent Expert Reports for an IPO

GNL 38: Product liability – what is a “defect”?

GNL37: UK experimental use exemptions

GNT 70: Working from Home (in the UK and abroad) – Common Tax Concerns

GNT 69: Making Tax Digital for Corporation Tax

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