This section builds on the IP Strategy and provides guidance to aid the implementation of any intellectual property strategies.

GNP 20: Extending Patent Term Beyond 20 Years for Regulated Products
GNP 19: Patenting Biological Processes at the European Patent Office
GNP 18: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Pharmaceutical Patents
GNP 17: Plausibility Part 2: Can experimental data generated after filing your patent application help secure a granted patent?
GNP 16: Plausibility Part 1: How much experimental data do you need to include in your patent application?
GNP 15: Special considerations for patenting inventions involving cells or complex biological material
GNP 12: Patenting New Uses of Old Drugs
GNP 4: The Pros and Cons of Filing a Patent
GNP 3: Why Should Small Life Science Companies Care About Patents?
GNP 2: Patent Fundamentals

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