This section gives some more detailed guidance around the issues to consider in the early stage of a company’s operations.

GNC 2: Cyber security hygiene for Life Science
GNC 1: Cybersecurity for Life Science business leaders
GNI 4: Cyber Security Guidance for Home Workers
GNI 3: Insurance Guide for Start-Ups
GNMA 8: Market access for medtech, diagnostics and digital technologies in the UK
GNMA 7: Impact of Brexit on the regulatory approval process for medicines in the UK
GNMA 6: Impact of conditional approval and approval under exceptional circumstances on national pricing and reimbursement
GNP 9: Procedural Overview of Seeking Patent Protection Abroad
GNP 8: Trade Mark Usage
GNP 6: IP Strategy Essentials
GNP 4: The Pros and Cons of Filing a Patent
GNP 3: Why Should Small Life Science Companies Care About Patents?
GNP 2: Patent Fundamentals
GNP 1: Intellectual Property Basics
GNT 69: Making Tax Digital for Corporation Tax
GNT 68: Making Tax Digital for VAT
GNT 67: Non-resident directors
GNT 65: A tax overview of share schemes and other equity incentives
GNT 64: Off payroll workers : IR35 for the private sector from April 2021
GNT 57: Trading Company Status
GNT 58: Corporate Criminal Offence – As Applied to Life Sciences
GNT 54: PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSAs)
GNT 10: EMI Share Options
GNT 31: SME R&D Tax Credit and RDEC Comparison
GNT 27: SME R&D Regime Essentials
GNT 9: Compliance Best Practice for Development Companies

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