GNX 12: Getting your voice heard by big pharma

Getting your opportunity noticed by a large pharmaceutical company is difficult, as they are continually bombarded by partnering opportunities daily. PharmaVentures has developed a unique expertise in getting their clients’ opportunities through the complex processes of decision making in the pharmaceutical companies and ultimately in front of their key decision makers, but there is more to it than that.

• How do you map these processes and identify the key decision makers?
• What is the best way to get your voice heard above the noise from the competition?
• What do you reveal when you’ve got your chance to negotiate?

Fintan Walton, CEO and Founder of PharmaVentures, reveals how to achieve success in deal making – hard lessons learned from 30 years of experience – getting your voice heard by big pharma decision makers: how to open the door, how to get their attention and what you need to reveal now you’ve got your chance to communicate your opportunity for successful deal making.

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