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GNES 14: Neurodiversity in Life Sciences: A Roadmap for Inclusion and Innovation

GNES 13: The Employer Branding Emergency

GNES 12: Recruitment – Is it still about Cultural Fit?

GNES 11: Importance of Autonomy

GNES 10: Employee Wellness Within a Hybrid Working Model

GNES 9: Reinvention during and after COVID- will company culture stand the test of time?

GNES 8: The Importance of Learning Agility

GNES 7: The Good And Bad of Video Interviewing

GNES 6: The importance of direct approach (in executive search)

GNES 5: Creating a company culture that attracts and retains talent during and post-global pandemic

GNES 4: Attracting the right talent in the times of coronavirus – Job Description as a Talent Magnet

GNES 3: Can/should executive search help improve gender diversity?

GNES 2: Recruit for future-proof profiles

GNES 1: Differences in recruiting for a big pharma and a small biotech

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