By using the resources available on N-Site, Life Science companies will be able to learn from the previous experience of others, and receive the guidance of impartial and experienced experts. As the site develops, we will expand the directory beyond the existing information in response to the issues experienced, and advice sought, by the members.

The resources available on N-Site will be valuable to all finance, business development and legal personnel in Life Science companies covering:

  • Start-ups
  • Multinationals
  • Academics
  • Investors

Benefits include:

  • Access to guidance and advice previously sought by other UK Life Science companies on a wide range of business critical issues (subject to confidentiality)
  • Being much more informed before seeking professional advice, enabling you to develop more focussed requests to ensure better response and outcomes
  • Receiving bespoke guidance on issues specific to your situation from leading sector experts
  • Reducing the cost and frequency of commissioning advice
  • Reducing risk

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