Each Guidance Note will typically be 750-1,500 words in length, and will provide more insight and/or relevance than information that is already publicly available.

It is important to note that the guidance offered on N-Site should not be relied upon in lieu of formal advice. The nature and complexity of transactions can vary widely between companies and circumstances, and there will often be specific events and situations that cannot be anticipated.

Our team will make every effort to address each member’s request through a Guidance Note, but certain requests may be out of scope as they fall within one of the following categories:

  1. They are heavily dependent on facts or data specific to the member’s particular circumstances and/or specific to the matter concerned.
  2. The request requires the review of a significant amount of information or data.
  3. It requires negotiation or liaison with authorities or other parties.
  4. A response that significantly exceeds the scale of existing Guidance Notes.

All guidance published on N-Site will be approved by the member, and no details will be included without prior permission. The Guidance Notes will be written without reference to specific companies, products or other potentially sensitive information.

As is currently the case, companies must consider when and when not to seek formal advice. Nevertheless, the guidance contained within N-Site should help make that assessment from a position of much greater understanding.

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