Peter Finnie is a highly experienced patent attorney with technical expertise across all fields of engineering, most particularly in information technology, telecommunications and medical devices. He joined the profession in 1991 after graduating from Durham University with a degree in engineering.

However Peter’s particular focus is to help businesses maximise the commercial return they realise from their innovation and intellectual property.

Peter works with a long and growing list of European start-up companies, advising them on how to develop their IP strategies in a way that will build their corporate value. He also makes sure their IP plays the part that, as a primary business asset, it should within both business planning and fund raising.

Peter has helped many of his clients successfully navigate the various funding rounds they’ve entered. He also sits on a number of boards for his clients so they can continue to take full advantage of his broader commercial experience.

In a bid to make it easier for businesses to recognise exactly what IP they have so they can use it to greater commercial effect, Peter has developed a suite of fixed price products known as ConsultIP. This suite includes innovation capture, IP audits and evaluation and development models designed to test the strength of a business’ IP strategies and assess whether it is ready for investors.

All of these products have also been designed to benefit the other side of the table. They offer private equity investors a pragmatic and cost-effective way to evaluate the risk associated with technology investments to ensure they get the best deal.

Peter has considerable experience before the UKIPO and the EPO. He regularly handles complex cases relating to the protection of computer-implemented inventions and is retained by his clients (an international blue-chip list that includes BlackBerry, MasterCard and American Science & Engineering) to handle high-value standard-essential patents in the telecommunications field.

Currently Peter is the chairman of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Standing Committee Q132; a body designed to consider the issues facing intellectual property from an international perspective. As a result of his innovative client work, the role he continues to play in AIPPI and his continued commitment to helping businesses derive the maximum commercial benefit from their intellectual property Peter has been recognised in the 2014 – 2018 editions of the IAM Strategy 300.

Peter has a strong affiliation with the Royal Air Force and is the club captain of the April Fools Club, which aims to foster close relationships between the RAF and business. As well as enjoying golf, cycling, fly fishing, photography and walking, Peter holds a small armoury of shotguns. Unknown to many of his closest friends, he also plays the trombone.